Welcome back to school!

Please go to Edmodo.com and create a student account. Here is the home page for your new student resource:


What is this school thing all about? For most of you it’s about memorizing and regurgitating lectures and lessons. Not your Art class! It will require much more of you…


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How will you create this year for yourself?

Will you experiment with Art?

Are you…

  • coming to class (on time)?
  • starting work on your own at the beginning of class?
  • asking good questions about the assignments?
  • participating each day?
  • Doing the drills the way they should be done?
  • turning in your best work?
  • being coachable?

if the answer is yes to all questions your grade will show it! This is how to produce the best results!

If you cannot answer yes to these questions, you will see it in your grade, but the results will be poor. 

What changes will you make before the semester finishes to turn your “No’s” to all “Yes’s”?

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