Welcome to Back To School Night!

Benjamin J. Clancy

805 320-7264 Ext 1199


  • How is your child being Graded?
  • Materials Fee (Donation)- $15 for all supplies (they keep everything)
  • Parent Vue- log in to see your kid’s attendance, behavior, grades
  • Why is this Art class important?
  • Write a letter to your kid, and I will deliver it at the end of the school year. What would you like them to know?
Classroom Visit Schedule
Period 1                      6:35-6:43
Period 2:                     6:48-6:56
Period 3:                     7:01-7:09
Period 4:                     7:14-7:22
Period 5:                     7:27-7:35
Period 6:                     7:40-7:48

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