“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment”
   – John Wooden
“Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.”
― John Wooden
In order for everything in this relationship to work, we need coachability.
What is that?
They asked John Wooden once what made some of his athletes so much more successful than others? He said one thing : “They listen”.
Developing the ability to actively listen to others is a powerful skill that we leave behind sometimes in our evolution as people.
As we get related, you will come to see my role as  your guide (mentor) in this journey. If you remember that my role is to guide you towards certain skills and behaviors, it becomes easier to understand how to communicate with me.
Understand something from the start: you control you, I do not control you. You are responsible for your behavior in here, as well as your achievement. You are also responsible for any lack of achievement…
growth mindset

Here are the behaviors associated with success in this class:

  • Early to class is on time! – show yourself you care/be prepared!
  • Materials brought to school / Ready to begin work
  • Eye contact with speaker during instruction
  • Asking good questions!
  • Participate in what your class is doing
  • Engaged in the work (focused, intent on producing your best results)
  • Mature behavior (if you cannot manage yourself- I will manage you)
  • Turns in work on time
  • Respect the materials and the room
  • Always participates in the discussions to get the most out of class

Here are some behaviors that will lead to consequences from me where I need you to be coachable:

  • off task/immature in class
  • talking back/ passive aggressive behavior
  • loud in class
  • use of profanity
  • not following directions
  • tardy to class
  • leaving class early w/o permission
  • quitting work early to stand by door
  • skipping class
  • not turning in your best work (we call it sandbagging)
  • abusing your bathroom privilege (more than 5 min)
  • abusing your music privilege by texting or playing games
  • abusing your Camera Pass privilege by wasting time/wandering/bothering other classes

What will I do next? I will have a conversation with you. How you respond will show me if you are learning to be coachable. If you can see me as the mentor who pushes you towards your best in life, then it will be easier to have these conversations.

If you see me as a jerk who is just getting on your back, then we may have problems communicating. Students who cannot take responsibility for their actions have a lot of trouble being successful! Successful people know that all of their hard work is what is responsible for their success. Teens who see their life’s problems as someone else’s fault (responsibility=power) always give that power over to others. Powerful people know that their life is theirs alone, created by their own choices.  If you get defensive and do not listen – then my ability to coach you becomes very limited, so then I have to go to the next level simply giving you consequences and sometimes help you get coaching from:

  1. your parent or guardian or…
  2. your Assistant Principal

The consequences I will use then include : loss of participation points for the day, staying after class, clean up duties, (lunch) detentions, staying after school, suspensions, calls home. If you are not fulfilling your end of the agreement, then I can choose to:

  • take away your photo pass privilege (you do not get to to go out and shoot during the class)
  • take away your mobile device
  • move your class seat
  • take away your bathroom pass privilege
  • call or email your parents or guardians
  • remove you to another section

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