Fundraiser- Sierra Leone Project

This summer myself, Chris Prewitt, and Danielle Rios – all educators from Ventura County will make a trip to Sierra Leone, Africa  to teach teachers. We work with an organization called Schools for Salone which is a Non-Profit dedicated to making a difference in rebuilding Sierra Leone. After a civil war, years of tragedy and turmoil this nation lost many of its best and brightest. Like training a new teacher here in the US, it’s about taking the time to have conversations about what we are committed to as educators showing up in the classroom. A previous fundraising event helped to found a school there and we’re going to share best teaching practices. We need your help to fundraise for this trip!

How can you help? Follow this link to the Schools for Salone website and donate using PayPal towards our project (make sure you include a note that you wish your money to go towards Ventura to Salone 2012). Here is an idea of what your money will pay for:

  • 3 Tickets to Sierra Leone
  • Room and Board
  • Materials for Teaching Conference

Our goal is to raise $15,000 before July to pay for this project. Your donation allows us to facilitate a conference in the city of Salone for new and veteran teachers and to provide a direct boost to the local economy in the form of American dollars. Thanks for your support!

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