When we clinch and grab, hit the floor and wrestle, or smother an opponent into a wall, corner, or any environmental tool – we are now in grappling range. This doesn’t mean you throw out the options of striking, as they are still usable and valid. But to deny this range is to get dominated by an aggressive, in your face opponent. Train your wrestling and grappling well or you will find your triple spinning ninja kick doesn’t help much here.
You could consider two separate parts of your grappling game to be your standing and your ground skills. From the feet we concentrate on our shooting techniques and clinch work. On the floor we sometimes focus on the progression from position, transition, to submission.

Be aware of the effects of both strikes and the onset of fatigue when grappling as your performance levels can drop drastically under stress. This quote from Combat Jui Jitsu’s Erik Cruz sums it up:

You can get demoted with strikes very easily. Brown turns into a purple turns into a blue. And if he’s tired and getting beat up, he’s a white belt. … He’ll get caught with simple stuff.” — Erik Cruz

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