How to Guage (your) Training Progress

What are you really here for?- To be a person with balanced MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT. This is what martial arts are really about.

To be 1 percent better than YOU were yesterday.
What experiences set an advanced practitioner of the martial arts apart from an intermediate one?
An intermediate practitioner from a beginner?
Beginner (1 month to 1 year) – shadowboxing/padwork/bagwork/drills

Intermediate (year 2 to year3-5) – padwork/drills/sparring

Advanced-  competition/drills/padwork/conditioning

  1. Boxing- having good hands, endurance, ability to take a punch (and keep moving forward), head movement, smaller footwork, relaxed & quick
  2. Muay Thai- toughness, balance, defend/give leg kicks, endurance, and experience in the clinch
  3. Grappling- know all positions & submissions, endurance, keep calm when choked or on bottom, experience on ground, ability to get back up
  4. Wrestling- the grind! Toughness, control of position, recovery, getting/stopping takedowns, scrambles
  5. MMA (complete athlete)-overall cardio! Ability to transition between ranges/arts smoothly, fight IQ, gameness (fighting spirit), recovery time, cage control, cage/ring awareness.

Is your shadowboxing smooth and fluid? Is your technique efficient? Effective (Are you getting knockdowns/knockouts?)

Are your strikes clean & powerful on the Thai Pads or focus mitts? Do you have flow between them? Can you move through the ranges of combat smoothly?

When you drill or spar- do you show good control? Are you being a good training partner? Or are you showing off/trying to hurt/injure your training partners?

Do you support your teammates when THEY compete? Corner them? Share your knowledge with them? Or are you here for your fight, but no-show when they need sparring/support?

Are you coming to class early? Do you stop talking when the instructor is teaching? Ask good questions? Are you pushing yourself to YOUR limits each day in the gym? Or are you sandbagging (working at a level BELOW yours)? Are you looking to improve at least one percent each day?

Shark Tank- “extreme fatigue makes cowards of us all”- How does your mind respond to extreme fatigue? Do you give up takedowns/knockdowns that you would NOT when you were fresh?

Fights?Matches/Tournaments (optional)- most of your growth occurs under emotional/psychological pressure! It’s win or learn (you lose only if you do not grow from the experience).

Many are good in the gym. Few learn to manage their fears & insecurities on game day and perform at a high level!