Know, Have, Use

Know, Have, Use

Levels of Mastery- how your mindset affects the study & practice of martial arts.

Beginners  “know” (about 1-6 months)
Intermediate  “have” (6 months to 2/3 years)
Advanced  “use” (more than 2/3 years of hard training)
Example: as a beginner, you ‘know’ proper technique but you don’t yet ‘have’ it.
An Intermediate student ‘has’ good technique but cannot ‘use’ it in a fight (yet).
The Advanced martial artist has and can ‘use’ many tools in the sparring or fight!

A beginner ‘knows’ what a rear naked choke is (but often cannot sink it when rolling). You ‘know’ the 1,2 but cannot land it on a resisting opponent.
An intermediate practitioner ‘has’ a good RNC, can use hooks in back mount, & ‘hides’ her hand behind opponents neck to keep them from pulling choke off.
An advanced martial artist ‘knows’ when to let go of a missed opportunity to finish the RNC (w/burning her arms out & losing position) and uses the RNC to get a twister/arm bar/body triangle or simply shifts her attack to a bulldog choke when the arm gets pulled off. She uses the technique, IT does NOT use her.

What drills create the ‘know’ in beginners?


slow practice in form to get better technique

-single tool drills (throwing the jab over & over, drilling a single leg)

-watching the performance of the motion/technique/tool
-repetition is the mother of all skill!

Which drills create the ‘have’ in an intermediate student?
-Panantukan (rhythm) drills
-Padwork (focus mitts, thai pads, kick shields)

-transition drills (wrestling to striking or vice versa)

-Partner Drills

What series of experiences create the ability to ‘use’ tools/entries/set-ups/subs/takedowns for the advanced practitioner?
-Flow drills (deep practice!*)

-movement sparring (technical sparring)

-limited sparring
-hard sparring
-mixed sparring
-shark tank drills