Visual Art – Rm 99 Mr. Clancy

Students wonder about art classes. They want to ask why they are taking them. Questions like: Why should I care about my Art class? What is this class really all about? What does Art class have to do with my life? If I’m not going to use this ever again, what does it matter to me?- All good questions.


This class is like an iceberg. Very little is visible at first when you only see the part that lies above the surface. But as we look deeper we see that this class is really about so much more – learning to be responsible for your education, becoming a visual communicator, handling deadlines and responsibilities, working well in groups and by yourself, and learning to solve problems by using divergent thinking. This class is all about teaching and coaching you towards excellence!

In Art class there are several possible results to doing your best in this class:

  • passing the class
  • earning your graduation credit
  • earning your A-G requirement
  • learning to draw
  • learning color theory
  • learning how to manage deadlines
  • practicing divergent thinking (creativity)
  • learning to solve problems by focusing on solutions
  • learning how to really communicate with others
  • preparing for college/life/career
  • becoming the best artist you can be

What can you expect from me in this class?

I will answer most questions with a question (you are responsible for your own answers here).

I will teach you how to do exercises that will teach you how to draw and design.

I will provide good, clean materials for you to create with.

I will lecture and talk for a minimum amount of time.

I will leave you lots of class time and space to work and create.

There are three types of art we will study in this class:

  1. Representational Art- images of something real, where the artist meant to show a real object or view.
  2. Non Representational Art-The artist intended to show nothing real, just expressive lines, colors, shapes.
  3. Abstract Art-  The artist meant to suggest something real. can you see the suggestion of trees in this painting Trees by Mondrian?

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