Half-Face Drawing

measure from the center to find and draw the other half

By ‘eyeballing’ (measuring with your eyes) we can learn the proportions of the human face. Using your fingers and your eyes, measure each feature from the center of the page, then make a small dot to record your measurement. Do this for the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears (if you can see them). Once you have marks to show you where each feature goes, draw in an exact mirror image of that feature on the blank side of the page. Complete the drawing for 50 points in this exercise. You may choose the image of the man or the woman.

Students will get their introduction to drawing faces by working on a half face exercise. The proportions of the face, once learned, can make it easier to draw people. Here is a simple diagram of some of the proportions of the human head.

Notice a few quick things about these proportions:

  1. eye to chin = eye to the top of head
  2. human head = 5 eyes wide
  3. nose = 1 eye wide
  4. space between eyes = one eye
  5. bottom of nose lines up w/ bottom of ears
  6. eyebrows line up w/ top of ears

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