Modified Contour Drawing

Students will draw their hand (maybe holding something) after using the Element of Value to work graphite into the entire paper to create a dark backgound.

  1. Fill the paper with grahite by shading with the side of your pencil, then smoothing it out with your finger (small circles)till it shines.
  2. Holding your viewfinder, pose your hand while looking through it until you find a view of the hand that you wopuld think would be hard to draw (have things in front of other things).
  3. Using your pencil, draw the ouline of your hand, then add the cross contours that you see like creases in your skin, or knuckles.
  4. Now squint through the viewfinder at your hand, looking for the lightest parts. Draw them using your eraser, trying to follow the contours of the hand. The eraser does not draw lines or edges, it draws shapes and spaces, so don’t use it to outline.
  5. Now go back in with your pencil and look for the dark areas, and make the lines and spaces that you see in the shadows darker with your pencil.

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