Exercise One: Name Tag Drawing

The first lesson in composition is how to apply the Rule of Thirds. Dividing up any space into 3 even parts allows the artist to create a better use of that space for one or multiple subjects. Traditional composition is placing the subject directly in the center of the space, using halves and focusing most of the attention on the single subject, like in a yearbook photo. Non-traditional composition uses the Rule of Thirds to break up the space into even thirds, both vertically and horizontally, like the diagram below:

As a way to practice the Rule of Thirds we will make name tags where each student will transform the letters of their names into drawings that communicate who they are. each student will be given a large index card to draw their first name upon. They must find a way to use about 2/3 of the space for their name and leave 1/3 of the space for color, designs, or simply empty space.

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