The art of perspective is the art of making things look three dimensional!

Students will learn the use of 1 and 2 point perspective and use them to draw basic geometric forms like cubes, then use them to draw their own initials. Check out this video on drawing 1 and 2 point perspective.

One Point Perspective (50 points)

When we use only one vanishing point where all “vanishing lines” in the composition go to this point, we are using 1 point. Any shape that you draw, its edges that vanish towards the horizon will all move towards the single vanishing point. We will be able to see 2 or 3 of the sides of a cube.

For today’s exercise, you will need:

  1. a ruler and a pencil
  2. 1 sheet of graph paper
  3. the 4 definitions on the back white board

On the back of your graph paper, please write the four definitions from the back white board. Then on the front, draw your horizon line exactly in the middle of your paper, and add a single vanishing point in the middle of your line. Now lightly draw three (3) boxes above and below the horizon line using the graph paper.

Students will create an abstract view of the horizon using one point perspective and adding some aerial perspective by having objects recede into the distance.

Initials in 1 Point Perspective (50 points)

Materials: Graph paper, pencil, ruler

Draw your horizon line low or high on the paper, leaving space on top for large block letters. Place your vanishing point in the middle of the horizon line.

 Two Point Perspective (25 points

Materials:  1 sheet of Graph paper, pencil, ruler

When there are two vanishing points we have an object drawn so that its vanishing lines recede towards two spots on the horizon, giving us a view of three of the cube’s sides.

Start by drawing your horizon line in the middle of the paper, but this time add two vanishing points, one on either side of the paper (like the above image). Then add one vertical line above the horizon line to start the drawing of your first cube.

2 Point Perspective Initials

Draw one large box that recedes far into the distance, placing it right on the horizon line. Use two vanishing points so that the object’s convergence lines move towards both.

Two Point Perspective Name

Students will use two point perspective to draw thier first name large and in color. Remember that all of your diagonal lines will go only to the two vanishing points!

2 point perspective

2-point perspective name1

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