Postitive/Negative Space Drawing


Students will begin with a drawing using their viewfinder, then alter the work, exaggerating the difference between positive space (the subject) and negative space (the background).

artist: Roxanne Lopez

You will need the following:

artist: Johnny Sedano

  1. paper and pencil, eraser
  2. viewfinder
  3. plant, leaf,  or flower


Hold up your viewfinder, look thru it w/ one eye closed and draw at first with the eraser to remove the subject from the background.

Once the subject has been erased, go in and add the details of the outside edge (the silhouette) of the plant or leaf.

Version 3

Now you will use three rectangles (2 large and 1 small) to arrange on the page (compose). One of the three must be empty space, one will be a line drawing, and the last you will draw the values in the plant. Remember, you must have three different drawings based on: 

artist: Lily Huerta

  1. S  p  a  c  e
  2. Line
  3. Value

How can you break the rules of this assignment?

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