Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

When both sides are balanced, we have Symmetry!

If both sides are even, the design is Symmetrical

Please take a sheet of blank white paper from the front, fold it in half long ways and sign your first or last name so that your letters touch the fold…


Students will transform their signatures into Art! Fold your paper in half the long way, then sign your name in cursive along the fold.

Symmetrical or Balanced

Then trace your name in the back of the paper, then fold the paper and trace it a second time so you see the mirror image of your signature on the other side of the fold!

Here is a gallery of student work…

When both sides are not even, you have Asymmetry

Your final SIG will look more refined, the product of all the hard work you did on your practice one…

Asymmetrical (uneven) or Unbalanced

Practice SIG’s (50 pst) are due Friday!

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