Typography- Designing your own alphabet

Today you will design letters that are unique and original- your very own alphabet! Typography is the study of type, and students will design a font for their next project: Acrostic Self-Portraits.

Today you will draw the letters of your own name in a style that fits your personality. Think of letters like people. If you and your friends go to church you will be dressed differently than if you all went out a party. Think of the colors you wear, the type of clothing you choose: Bulky or slim? Colorful or monotone? Big and frilly, or simple and clean? Rough and textured, or smooth and soft? Do your shoes match your shirt, or do they contrast with your pants?

Your letters are like this- they will be designed with the Elements of Design in mind, so please take a sheet of  paper from the front and write the following on the back of your paper:

  1. line
  2. shape
  3. form
  4. value
  5. size
  6. texture
  7. s p a c e
  8. color

So choose using these questions as your guides:

  • will my letters be large or small?
  • are they smooth or rough and textured?
  • are they complex, or simple in design?
  • colorful, or in black and white?
  • the edges of my letters, will they be thin or thick?
  • will I add something to the inside or outside of my letter?

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