Value Scales

cube shading 


Write these vocabulary terms:

  • shading: the representation of the different values of color or light and dark in a painting or drawing.
  • highlight: the lightest part of a drawing (whites)
  • midtone: the middle values of a drawing (greys)
  • shadow: the darkest values in a drawing (blacks)

  1. Put your name in the bottom right
  2. Draw five (5) one inch by ten inch rectangles, measuring with a ruler carefully.
  3. Above each rectangle, label each one like the example.
  4. Make sure you leave one inch space between them.
  5. Start at the left of the shading scale, and draw in your shadow
  6. Move to the right getting lighter to the midtone at square 5
  7. Finish each scale on the right by adding the lightest values in the highlight.

Value Scale.docx

When doing your hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling:

Remember to move your marks closer to each other to generate darker values!


As the value gets darker, the marks get closer together
As the value gets lighter, the marks move further apart



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