Viewfinder Still Life Drawings


Materials: Viewfinder, yellow paper, charcoal pencils- (black and white)

Step One: Open you viewfinder so that it shows just the parts you wish to draw (see example right)

Step Two: draw the rectangle on your paper the same format (portrait or landscape)as the inside edge of your viewfinder, but much larger! Try to use all or most of the paper for your drawing.

Step Three: Shade in the rectangle on your paper lightly and begin drawing!

Use the viewfinder to choose the part you want to draw, and block out the rest (see above).

Students will practice using the viewfinder to make several drawings. Simply close one eye, look through the viewfinder at the objects and draw them for as long as the drill lasts. 100% of your grade is based on participation, so the more you focus and concentrate the better your grade will be. You will not be graded on the quality or skill of your drawing! Participate and succeed!

Once you get comfortable drawing this way, watch your drawings quickly progress towards looking much more realistic…

Notice how the artist pays as much attention to the environment (background) as they do the objects they are trying to draw.

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