Word / Hand Drawing- Final Version

Introduction to the Creative Process. “Getting comfortable with discomfort”. 

Please take a sheet of white paper from the front desk and begin by making a long list on the back of words and phrases that describe you.


Replace all of these cross-contour lines with words and prhases that describe you.









Students will draw the silhouette of their own hand, paying attention to the outside contour to get a perfectly drawn edge, then fill the hand with colorful words, phrases, quotes,  poems, and song lyrics that describe them. The larger the area, the larger the text or type. Smaller text will be used in the fingers and tighter spaces.


  1. Lightly draw all the contours of your own hand, keeping one eye closed to improve your ability to see the shape of its silhouette.
  2. Make a list of words and phrases that describe you on the back of the paper you drew your hand on.
  3. Draw those words and phrases inside the drawing of your hand, using big words in the big spaces, smaller words in the smaller parts of your hand!
  4. Replace all lines with words or phrases!

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