Acrostic Self-Portraits

artist: Miguel Yanez

Imagine a self portrait that does not have a picture of you in it. Students will make a  work of art that will respresent them using the letters of their first name.

1/3 of the space– your first name

2/3 of the space– words/phrases/images

There are four different ways to write your name:

  1. vertically
  2. horizontally
  3. diagonally
  4. ?????? – your choice

Bring in items that are personal to you- 

  • family snapshots
  • drawings
  • magazine clippings
  • newspaper articles
  • ticket stubs
  • scrapbook items


The only thing you cannot have in your piece is a photo of you. This is our first crafty project (like arts and crafts). This project is worth 100 points, but first you will do a practice version, a rough draft.

Start by choosing a format. You may write your letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Students will make a practice version on smaller paper before they design and cut out their own letters. You may choose the letters you designed from your typography assignment: the alphabet, or you are free to invent new ones.

artist: Corena Dyer

Rules of the Assignment

  1. acrostic uses your first name
  2. your name uses 1/3 of the space
  3. name must be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  4. words, phrases, poems, lyrics, ect must be balanced with images in 2/3 of remaining space
  5. use positive words, phrases, quotes, lyrics that describe your life
  6. bring in items to collage onto image from home
  7. background paper is a 18″X24″ colored rectangle
  8. letters cut from patterned paper- glued onto 18X24 paper
  9. letters must stay on paper (not go outside boundaries of paper)
  10. no photo(s) of your face

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