Animation Flipbook

Students will create short animations first using post-it note pads, then making a final version using index cards. Narrative, or storytelling is the focus of this project and the tools for telling stories are the Elements of Design: line, shape, form, value, space, texture, color, and size. The Principle of Design that we will focus on is Movement. Check out the excellent use of storytelling that is used in this flipbook about the history of the universe.

Check out this animated street art scene done with stop motion photography. Notice how the tools are used. Most of the drawing is done in simple black and white, with drawings made up of lines, shapes, textures.

For a good animation here are two concepts to abide by:

  1. a thing must appear on at least 3-4 frames (cells, pages) to be visible (readable) duringyour animation
  2. things that do not move must be used to show things that do move

Bouncing Ball Exercise

For starters each student will draw a simple animation in 10-12 frames (see the drawing of the cartoon runner above). This first animation is a very old exercise called the Bouncing Ball and animators have been doing it for decades as their very first animation. Make sure you include parts that move and parts that do not move. Notice how the ball squeezes up when it hits the ground, then squeezes the other direction as it bounces off the hard ground!

Practice Flipbook

post it notes flipbook

For your practice flipbook (50 points), watch this amazing home-made flipbook “Center” to see a perfect example of an animated story with parts that move and parts that DO NOT MOVE (watch the horizon line in the background)! You can make your animation practice flipbook about anything you wish: you may animate words, use stick figures, transform something into something else, or simply tell a story in lines or colors.

  1. Your cover is worth 10 points (and should give us some clue of what we will see inside)
  2. the parts of your animation that move are worth 20
  3. the parts that do not move are also worth 20.

Final Flipbook

Include a title that get your audience's attention and maybe gives a clue as to what the story will be about

Your final flipbook (100 points) will be done on index cards and must use full color on each page in some way. Check out the use of color in this great flipbook!

  1. The final flipbook is worth 100 points 
  2.  Due the Friday after Spring Break (yes, Friday the 13th!).
  3. It must have a cover that is done in color- 20 pts
  4. parts that move in color and -40 pts
  5. parts that do not move in color – 40 pts

Here is an example of a finished flipbook done in full color.

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