Self Portraits

self portrait by Ryan Hernandez

Students will take photographs of themselves, family or friends, or celebrities of their choice and draw them using the grid. Watch this video of setting up and using the grid to draw a perfect copy of a photograph.

Watch this video of a person scaling up a photo to a drawing twice its size.

Instead of simply drawing the photos exactly as they look, they will choose a shape (or letters) and use these as the marks that communicate the lights and darks, the edges and spaces.

Example: if the area is large and light- use large and light circles like her hair or cheeks.

self portrait by Raul Toledano

Option: Using the new mark-making systems that we just learned, you will draw into each square a different type of mark that shows the value!

Here are some examples of drawings done with a repeated shape or theme:

Bob Marley made out of dark/ light circles.

Download this rubric to see how you will be graded: Portrait Grid Grading Rubric

1 Response to Self Portraits

  1. Shaina says:

    when i drew the lines of my face i was like WOW. cant even believe I DREW IT!
    im like SHOCKED right now!

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