Face Maps – Where do you come from, and where are you headed?

Students will creat “maps” showing their origins and their dreams in the form of a profile portrait combined with text collaged in.


Here is an anatomical picture of the human head side by side with a photo of the head. Notice how the eye is directly in the center of the space from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. this becomes much clearer in the drawing below…


Here is a drawing of the basic proportions of the human head as seen in profile.


This project starts with several drawings of portraits done from the side (profile). The most basic measurement to remember is this: the distance from your eye to your chin is the same as the distance from your eye to your ear! You can see this relationship below. in the profile portrait done by John Singer Sargent.

sargent profile drawing

Here is Leonardo Da Vinci’s system of facial proportions.

davinci head

Here is another way to look at it- you could draw three ears or three noses to break down the realtionships between these features…

profile proportions

How do you start this drawing? Here is one simple method…

drawing steps profileStart with two ovals for the head, then add lines for the neck.

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