Mixed Media Self Portraits


Imagine creating a work of art that both describes you physically, mentally, and emotionally. One half shows you on the outside, the other shows who you may be on the inside. Combining words, images, drawing, and different media you will create this self-portrait.

mixed media collage2

Students will create self portraits based on two ideas: 1. What they look like on the outside and 2. Who they are on the inside.

mixed media collage

We start by learning the proportions of the human head. Look at the image below, it shows the basic measurements can all be found by measuring the eyes 1st, then finding the relationship of all the other features to the eyes.

facial proportions

These self portraits will be one half drawing, while the other half will be collaged from images and words that show the viewer who you are on the inside.

Here are some questions to help focus your thinking as you work to find things to use for the collage:

  • How do I see myself? What kind of person am I?
  • What do I think of myself?
  • What is it that makes me who I am?
  • What words do I live by?

Search for images and words in magazines and newspapers that show your audience the real you that is kept inside.

LAYERING- creating depth in your collage

layered collage

Here is how the process works: layer larger pieces of collage on the paper first to generate both background and theme, then use medium sized and smaller images to show the details of your features as well as the details of your inner self.

collage silhouetteMETAPHOR– creating meaning through representation

A bird to represent freedom, blue skies show your openness to new ideas. Conflict in your life? What image come to mind to show this? Weapons? Images of struggle? The use of metaphor is finding images to represent ideas, then collaging these images/ideas into your work.

What about Identity? A creative personality might collage images of paintbrushes or pencils, computers or musical instruments.

Love your family? What images would you bring from home to represent them?

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