Mystery Mural Voting- 2012

Mystery Mural from 10 years ago!

Please scroll down to the four thumbnails below, click on them to view larger versions and vote by emailing me at from Wednesday the 23rd to next Wednesday the 30th!

The period with the most votes wins a movie party w/ food!

Period 2

Period 2 Mural

Period 3

Period 3 Mural

Period 4

Period 4 Mural

Period 6

Period 6 Mural

Period 6 was the winner last year, who will win this year?


5 Responses to Mystery Mural Voting- 2012

  1. David says:

    These are very cool… how do you do this?

  2. It is the Filter menu in Adobe Photoshop- thanks for the comment!

  3. Vaugn Devera says:

    Mr. Clancy I was wondering if you still have some of my work from 2011-2012

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