Non Representational Art

What is the difference between abstract and non-representational art?

Materials for today:

  • large white paper from front table
  • your pencil boxes

One you have your paper, write the three definitions from the back white board on the back of your papers, then sketch as many types of lines as you can think of…

Today you will use the Elements of Line and Texture to create an expressive work of non representational art. These drawings will be due at the end of the day on Friday (tomorrow).

Today we will create art that is not trying to be or show anything real. We will use the elements of Line and Texture to create a work that has one long, varied line that moves all over the page, sometimes crossing over itself and then create different textures in the spaces created by our overlapping line.

Notice how a repeated line can create the illusion of texture.

Here are some more examples of non representational art.

Notice how the repeated use of some lines sometimes generates a pattern.

Now begin by drawing one continuous line over the majority of your paper. Let your line double back and cross over itself when you wish. It moves slowly sometimes, other times it speeds up. Sometimes the line is very thin, others it will be thick. Some areas will be mostly empty while other will be almost filled with this line! Sometimes you will press hard, and other times you will barely see the edge… 

When you have drawn the line over most of your paper, go back into some of the shapes made by your line and fill each shape that you choose with a different texture by repeating a mark, line or shape. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but think how you want this creation to look.

Why do we study Non Representational art (sometimes called 2D design? What uses could it possibly have? Does anyone actually use this stuff for a living in the real world?

Interested in a career in graphic design? How much can a good graphic designer earn? Check out wiki answers on this link:

Somebody comes up with these designs, sketches them, creates them, then sells them to a distributor or a company that makes cell phone skins…

If you took your creative ideas and made a good living off them, what are you?- An artist!

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