Pastel Portraits

Students will take their portrait skills to the next level by combining the previous skills of 1. sighting proportions with 2. blocking in values and move to the next level by practicing layering and scumbling.

Layering means putting on a base layer of a darker, cooler color on the larger areas of the face (like blocking in the shadows). Scumbling is using rough repeating marks over that base layer to create surface texture and detail (like the light pink lines on the nose and arm).

Notice the use of scumbling in the background and in the cheek of the image below.

Now look at the image below, notice the way the hair is blocked in roughly with a dark color. There are little or no details done yet. This is layering!

The highlights will be added over the top of that layer

Notice how the artists first layer of pastel can look in the portrait of Robert De Niro below. After drawing the image out in lines, the artist blocked in the base layer for skin.

Your final project is worth 200 points with your grade being based on:

  1. correct proportions (
  2. use of dark, cool colors in shadows
  3. use of warm, light colors in highlights
  4. practicing layering
  5. practicing scumbling

Final Project- Drawing Outdoors

Drawing outside is both a priviledge and a chance for you to enjoy something that most classes cannot. Remember that when you are out here, you are an ambassador for the art program. Today you can draw yourself (using the mirror), draw another person in class, or work from a large photo.

  1. we will draw for 35-40 minutes each day
  2. each days session is worth 50 points, the other 100 points are for the use of correct proportions, and for layering and scumbling
  3. you must bring your pastel kit, mirror, a drawing board, and paper
  4. stay in the large circle- do not wander off (or we will not come back out)

I will have the bathroom pass w/ me if anyone needs to leave the quad to go to the restroom.

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