Semester One Final

Students will combine the lessons learned from all the exercises of the first semester to create a balanced composition that shows their mastery of the following elements (tools):

  • Line-  contour, lost and found, non representational
  • Space- positve and negative space
  • Shape- 2D design
  • Texture- repeating marks to create a surface
  • Form- 1 and 2 point perspective
  • Value- shading, hatching, cross hatching, stippling
  1. Students will begin by choosing a quote, lyric, line, or saying to be written in cursive down the middle of the folded paper.
  2. Trace the words in pen or marker so they are dark
  3. Flip the paper over and trace letters on the back
  4. Flip paper back over to front side, and trace the mirror image of the letters- ckeck out what you have made

SIGnature exercise- balance

  1. Perspective exercises- 1 or 2 point
  2. Non-Representational Design- using the Elements of design

This project is designed to give the student of Visual art the chance to demonstrate all that they have learned in the 1st semester.

This project is worth 200 points.

  • 50 points: work ethic/participation in class
  • 50 points: 1 or 2 points perspective
  • 50 points: SIGnature
  • 50 points: Non-representational designs
  • Here is the Semester 1 Final Grading Rubric that you can use to grade yourself. Click on the link to download the Word Document.

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