Tee-Shirt Design: using the Element of Shape

asymmetrical stencil design

Now we move from the element of Line to the next element: Shape! We will study and use basic and complex shapes to design and cut stencils . Check out this video detailing one simple way to turn a simple Shape drawing into a stencil, then use that stencil to paint your design on your shirt. Students will make the simplest of t-shirt designs using these stencils!

Today you will start by making 5 thumbnail sketches using the element of Shape in designing your shirt… here are some thumbs to look at:

thumbnail sketchesYour Thumbs are due this Friday the 17th.balanced

Once you have drawn your five thumbs, we will use this template to design your shirt:

rough draft template

Choose a design that you like best, or come up with a new one for your rough draft. Make sure that it is in full color. Your rough draft is worth 50 points and is due next Thursday the 15th.

Here are some great t-shirt designs to get your ideas flowing…

Watch this video of a professional designing a new shirt for Affliction Clothing. Once you have made your rough draft in color, it is time to design your stencil. You have three options:

  1. draw your design right onto the manilla folder
  2. rub pencil on the back of your paper and transfer the drawing from paper to the manilla folder
  3. tape your drawing to the manilla folder and cut through both paper and folder at the same time

-Thanks to Raj Anderson for the above image of his custom designed shirt!

Any photo can be turned into a stencil easily by focusing on the dark parts of the image- the shadows! Remember to add your bridges to make the stencil work. Watch this excellent video on the entire process of taking a photo and transforming it into a stencil. 

Check out this video by Threadbanger on making stencils for shirts.

And here is what your finished shirt might look like…

t-shirt design by Jasmin Games

Ready to put your newly made stencil on your shirt? Here is a video on setting up the shirt for your stencil… 

Interested in learning more about t shirt or graphic design? This project is not just about making a shirt for school, there are real jobs out there in a real industry. Back in 2008, Affliction Clothing sold $100 million dollars worth of product!

Industry Apparel
Founded 2005
Headquarters Seal Beach, CaliforniaUnited States
Products Graphic T-shirts, Denim, Jackets, Fleece, Wovens and Accessories
Revenue $100M (2008) [1]
Owner(s) Bob Meers, Eric Foss, Kourtney Dubar and Clifton Chason
Website www.afflictionclothing.com

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