Digital Photography

Digital Photography is an introduction to the language of visual communication. Be ready to learn some of the history of Photography as well as to begin the process of learning about the possibilities of using Adobe Photoshop to enhance your own photos.

What is this class really all about? It’s about getting you ready for an excellent life! To have everything you want in life you will need to be a great communicator.


This class is not about memorizing! be ready to step outside your comfort zone and create! You will express yourself in writing, in photos, and in speaking!


Day 1 Question

First, a question: If a photo (or image) is edited on the computer, altered or doctored in some way, is it still Art? Is it less Art that the photo that another person took with a traditional camera? Why or why not? Please write a half page answer using complete sentences in your notebook. Turn in to your Edmodo site.

Students are not required to purchase a personal digital camera. However, because of the shortage of cameras, students are encouraged to bring or purchase their own cameras if possible.

As we will be sharing a computer lab with another teacher (and with other classes) please respect the computers and the room. I will ask that you practice smart lab etiquette by always leaving the room a little cleaner than you found it. Remember to log out fully before you leave so that no one but you has access to your files.

To check out a camera you will need to use your student ID, testing the camera and checking the contents both before and after you use it.

This class is about you learning to communicate better, in writing, speech, & using the medium of digital photography! It can be difficult, sometimes tougher than you math or science class. Why?

It can be difficult, sometimes tougher than you math or science class. Why?

Math problems have the same answer for ALL kids in the room- you get it right when your answer matches everyone else’s! Writing can use a formula to teach you how to build a paragraph, an essay.

This class has projects that are works of ART. Each student’s answer to the question is uniquely her own. We could and should have 38 completely different solutions to the exact same problem. Sometimes the teacher acts only as a guide towards solutions- the teacher cannot come up w the answers for you! As a student you are used to asking questions and getting answers- this class will challenge you to ask better questions of yourself. Sometimes the teacher will answer your question with another question.

We will focus on two major concepts: learning to be an amazing photo taker, and learning the in’s and out’s of Adobe Photoshop for editing and manipulating those pictures.

This class is also about making you better prepared for the world of employment.

Here are the 10 skills employers say they seek, in order of importance. NACE gave each a rating on a 5-point scale, where 5 was extremely important, 4 was very important, 3 was somewhat important, etc.:

1. Ability to work in a team structure
2. Ability to make decisions and solve problems (tie)
3. Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization
4. Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work
5. Ability to obtain and process information
6. Ability to analyze quantitative data
7. Technical knowledge related to the job
8. Proficiency with computer software programs
9. Ability to create and/or edit written reports
10. Ability to sell and influence others


BEST you

End of Semester One: Vote on three categories…

After you choose your best entries this week, optimize them for the web, then turn them in to the folders marked “Best Image” and “Best Original Photo”, then vote after looking at the gallery on my website…

  1. Best Image (includes all assignments, not just photos)
  2. Photoshop Master – who has the best skills?
  3. Best Original Photo (must be shot by you)

End of the Year Awards:

  1. Most Improved
  2. Hardest Worker
  3. Photoshop Master

You will all vote as a class for each of these awards. You may only vote once for each, you cannot vote for yourself. On the last day of class before Final Week, we will have an awards ceremony.

49 Responses to Digital Photography

  1. Roxxy Marrero says:

    Yes, because it requires imagination, concentration and skill!

  2. Evelyn Saucedo says:

    I think it’s still art because you need to use your imagination as much as you use imagination in art.

  3. Anthony Porter says:

    yes, because it still requirres imagination skills still!

  4. Lilianne Andrade says:

    Even though a picture may be altered or editted on a computer, I still count it as art, nothing less, nothing more. Anything created by the mind of the artist is considered art. As simple as taking a picture and changing it through technology, that image is still portrayed by the principle of art.

  5. gabriela villasenor says:

    it is art because your are still being creative nd using imagination as if you were with stone,paper,etc. the only difference is now your using technology.

  6. gissela melgoza says:

    if you edit a picture it is art. if the person that took the picture it is less art, because they aren’t editing the picture.

  7. ramiro ramos says:

    i think its less valueable as art because modern day art photos have stuff added to them to make them better. also traditional cameras are better because they show what was actually in that photo.

  8. DUUUston says:

    Digital art is pretty much the same thing as art because you can do things with digital art you cant do just on paper its just a different type of art.

  9. cristina says:

    In my opinion its still art because the person is capturing a intresting moment. They might not be painting it but they still have a picture that to them its art.Also they can just take the picture insted of taking days to paint it.

  10. brianna says:

    Yes it is still art. Art is whatever you make of it. No it is not less art, a photo is a piece of art whether it is taken with the best camera out there, or a piece of crap.

  11. Salvador Hernandez says:

    A photo or image edited on the computer is still art because it is a way of expressing yourself . It is a way of expressing yourself because it shows how you feel.

  12. Francisco Lopez says:

    I think that it doesn’t matter if you altered the photo as long as the picture is still artistic.

  13. Tatiana Meza says:

    I consider digital art and plain traditional art are the same thing. The only thing that makes them different, is how a person interperates the art that they are seeing. Digital art, is a lot less messier than regular canvas art. Digital art allows the artist to express themselves further by altering the photo. This can be done by adding more color, changing the brightness, adding silly frames, etc. Where as traditional art takes time & patience.

  14. Kimberly Hernandez says:

    Personally ithink that an image or photograph that has been edited on a computer, altered or docotred in some way is still considered art. I think art is viewed differently by different people, it all comes down to wether they are able to see the beauty of it from different perspectives. My opinion is that both traditional art and modern art are just as valuable, because each piece has unique qualities that define it.

  15. Eduardo Topete says:

    A photo or image that is editedon a computer or alterd in any way is still art becuase art is supose to make some one feel a serten way and computer pictures do that .

  16. Adilene Serrato says:

    A photo edited on computer or any other way is still art. The photo might have been changed but thats the art of it. You can edit things in or out. It is not less Art than another person using a traditional camera because either one used imagination and creativity.

  17. DUUUston says:

    art is art but at the same time not art hahahaha

  18. Ivan lagunas says:

    If the picture or image is edited on the computer its still art beacuse either you add or romeve details to it , it also shows the way you express yourself .

  19. jose gomez says:

    If a photo or (image) is edited on the computer , altered or doctored is still considered art because art is someone way to express themselves

  20. stephen swanson says:

    digital photography is art, but not as much as paintings and drawings

  21. Cisco J Herrera says:

    Yes, I think all art is the same although some art is made in different ways. For example, visual art, digital art, & just plain old art might not be made all in the same way but they all do still count as art. The reason why i point this out is because alot of people debate about it if its all the same or not, & well if it all comes from someones imagination then it must be art. Although everyone has there own opinions this is mine, I agree with all art being the same no matter what it’s all made out of or made from.

  22. billy williams says:

    umm i beleive that a picture is a stopping point in a person or thing life. if you add or edit the picture that you have took it is stilll the same picture, it just have more detail added to it. so i beleive that a picture of any object could still be a picture

  23. Nelly Gonzalez says:

    I think it’s the same because you put your own creativity as art doues so i think its the same.

  24. Josue Garcia says:

    I think that they are both considered art just in a different form. There is art where it it done on paper and the other art is done in the computer.

  25. alexis ambriz says:

    Digital art is the same as art. Its the same because you take time and hard work to capture the photo and to edit it. Takeing a photo isn’t as easy as it sounds you need to shoot the picture from the right direction the lighting has to be just right

  26. Sandra Martinez says:

    I think that if a photo ( or image) is edited that it’s still art , but it’s not as valuable as the original photo. I think that because you might be taking things away from the photo that might make it unique or make it stand out from other pictures.

  27. martin mungaray says:

    i think that it is more valuable to take the the time and drawing it and skeching than to take a photo and edit the thing you dont want than to go back and earse the drawing and start all over.

  28. harold dejesus says:

    art is anything that expresses your feelings like edited photos for example

  29. Micah T. Sablan says:

    I think it all depends on the concept of the photo. If the value comes from the moment or event than you shouldn’t alter it by adding anything more dramatic. If it has to do with the item capture as long as that stays the same then yoou should better enhance the focus of the photo.

  30. Stanley Ibo says:

    I believe that an edited image is still art. It is not less than the original because it’s someone creating something different from the picture. The artist is adding their own unique style onto the image.



  32. Tania Reyes says:

    Art is hard to define for it is what you like not what others think is art is. Editing photos to make them the way you like is art. It doesn’t alter the fact that you still consider it art.

  33. Natasha Purvis says:

    To me, art is art wether it’s alter or the original piece everyone has their outlook on the image/artist creation.

  34. James Tan says:

    I believe that digital art like any other form of art form is valuable. Like sculpture, drawn, and computer art digital art is a form of expression. Thus it doesn’t matter how a person makes art it is all equally valuable. So I believe that as long as a person is having fun, expressing himself, ect. It is art and all art in my opinion is equally valubale, because someone put effort into making it.

  35. In my opinion I think it would still be art, only because art is the expression of how someone feels. If a certain person feels that they need to edit a photo on the computer or even draw one it still is expressing your feeling towards your art work. If it’s creative or weird, even better because art makes it’s own reflection based on the artist.

  36. Cindy Rodriguez says:

    I think that every picture is valuable. It is art, whether you took it from a traditional camera or not. You took the time and captured a moment in the making, and when you look back at it, your remember it, it can become an important memory to someone. And if it is edited, then it gives it a better meaning to it.

  37. Rosemary Sepulveda says:

    I think that they are both art because we all have are own opinions of what we call art.

  38. Alberto Vargas says:

    If a photo is edited on a computer, altered or doctored in some way, i think it is still considered art. I think it takes time and skill to make a nice digital photo. So yes it is the same work as painting or drawing something.

  39. Jose Leon says:

    I doesnt matter if its digital or drawn what matters is the hard work and effort that artists make to crate art.

  40. Jeremy Pulido says:

    I believe that art wether taken from a traditional or modern day camera has to be art. Art is anything thqat expresses emotion or captures one opinion of beauty. So wether the photo had been altered or captured on a old film camera, it’s still art.

  41. margaret roa says:

    If a photo is edited in my opinion its still considered art. I believe its still considered art because your still useing your imagination and useing your art skills just like you would if you were drawing something. A digital photo could be better because theirs such things as croping and editing a picture to just make it look ten times better. I have experienced this and it could acctually make a big diffrence

  42. Joshua Pasion says:

    Traditional and original art are of the same value because the artist are both portraying their feelings and emotions through some type of median, and that’s what art is. Art is just a way to express oneself to the people. The use of the traditional camera is not less than art because in every time period people use what can be used to portray art, despite the techological drawbacks.

  43. Oyuky Lopez says:

    I belive their are many ways to illustrate art.Yes,I belive digital art is still art.

  44. Ana Martinez-Amezcua says:

    Art has no definition because art is seen differently through everyone’s eyes. Altered art has the same value as traditional art. Even though they may seem different art is still art.

  45. Betty Milique says:

    In my opinion it is still considered art because even though the picture may be altered in some way it was altered with the imagination of the artist. The value of the peice is not devalued no matter what because art is art.

  46. Heather Ann says:

    If art is changed on a compuer or any other way I believe it is still art because art doesn’t have any outlines or rules. A picture is worth a thousand words. Art comes in many different forms such as music, models, pictures, and many more. Like a music, the catagory is love but there are different types of love. Art is a way many people express themself, art can be changed and modified. Art has many forms but there is only one original.

  47. Carol Walker says:

    I have worked as a photo retouch-er/artist and I prefer the hands on of the brush or pencil. Computers take too much time learn the software. Takes away the intuitive nature of creating for me. I can’t lost in the art. That being said, art can be achieved with computers. I just am not as creative with it.

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