Class Rules and Expectations

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Class rules

General Rules

  • Show up on time
  • Work hard (smart)
  • Be nice (coachable)


Senior Contract Expectations Consequences




Specific Rules

  • When instruction is in progress you must be entirely focused on the person addressing the class. Turn off your monitors and make sure all smart devices are put away. Can’t focus when I’m teaching?- Don’t expect to learn much.
  • Have respect for the classroom; do not waste materials, do not deface the tables, walls, or white board.  Leave the classroom a little neater than you entered it.
  • No food or drink, except water. This is a computer lab, so no snacks! I hate it when kids are so lazy they stuff the trash from their snack by their computers. Mess with the classroom, and you may lose class privileges.
  • I dismiss the class. Do not gather by the door or leave without my permission. Work bell to bell. Pet peeve alert!
  • Spend class time working. Try. Take risks. Do your best.

Procedures- what does your daily life look like?

  • Entering the classroom– you are expected to enter the classroom quietly.  The warm-up or days work will be on the big screen.  Start your PC and begin work. You are expected to work quietly until instruction begins.
  • Whole class focus–during this time you are expected to be engaged in the class demonstration, discussion, or instruction.  This means that you are quiet, seated, and facing whoever is addressing the class; you are raising your hand to speak, and all personal electronic (auditory) devices are put away. What does RESPECT look like? You focused on the lesson, eyes on the teacher, seated facing the speaker, asking relevant questions, phone put away- actively trying to understand and absorb the new assignment.
  • Lab time­–When the class starts this is your cue to begin working on the day’s project.  During this time you may get up freely to get materials, sharpen pencils, etc… You may talk quietly to a neighbor or listen to your iPod as long as you are working (and as long as your neighbors cannot hear your music). Please note that this is a privilege that will be revoked if it is abused. Abuse of this privilege includes texting, snapchat, twitter, internet use, gaming, and talking on the phone in class. If and when the demonstration or teaching is happening, you are expected to immediately stop what you are doing, be quiet, remove your headphones, put away any devices, and focus on the teacher.
  • Log out from your computer when done. She who respects herself, respects the world around her- show that respect for yourself in how you treat your classroom. Last period of the day please shut down all computers. What does respect look like? – It looks like a clean room. Chairs pushed in, camera cabinet clean and organized with lanyards hung neatly. I can always tell those kids who do not respect themselves- they give no respect to others. 
  • Dismissal­–under no condition may you leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission or without the pass.  Always use the huge, wooden pass for the bathroom or to go to your locker. The pass is only for one person at a time. Please use the pass for 5-7 minutes at most, as others may need it after you. Abuse this privilege?- you will lose this privilege. Choose to skip out early? I will mark you tardy or absent! When the class ends at the bell you are expected to stop working and clean up your workstation.

Absences and Tardiness

If you are absent to class ten (10) or more times to class, you can be dropped from that class with an “F”. If you are late to class 15 or more times, you can be failed from the class. I will give you reminders if you start to come to class late 2-5 times. It is your responsibility to be in class, with your materials out ready to learn when class begins. If you are coming in at the last second and rushing to gather materials or begin the warm-up, then you are late to class.

Since kids like to argue over this, let’s keep it simple: If the bell rings, you should ALREADY  be here, seated, working, and ready to start class.

If you are absent or tardy it is your responsibility to find out from a classmate what was missed and be prepared to work that day. If you miss a class, please come and see me during nutrition or lunch when you return. Walking in and asking the next day: “Did I miss anything?” is a dumb question.

If you choose to miss class more than 10 times or come late to class more than 15 times you are really saying to me that your excuses mean more to you than this class- expect that your grade will suffer. Since life is going to be full of challenges and problems to solve, the small problem of getting to school or class on time is great practice at this.

If the class starts at the same time and in the same place every day and all year long and you cannot get yourself there on time, I would be worried about your chances of success in most things in life…Do you know what it means to others when you are late to their class/party/event ?- it says to them that your time is more important that theirs. It says that you care more about whatever you did to make yourself late, than the thing you were late for or to.

At the end of the year, those of you who still make the choice to break this attendance policy will play the Karma Game! If you do not meet the requirements, you fail the class and earn no credit.


Grades fall into three categories:

  • Your grades are earned, not given- take responsibility for this class by earning the grade you want. This is your class, your education, your life. Don’t make the teenage mistake of putting the responsibility for that on anyone but you.
  • 1. Class Participation– most of your grade will be based on participation. If you work to your potential you will earn points.  Included in this is your work on art exercises, participation, and conduct.  Basically, if you work hard and are respectful of your environment you will receive full credit.  Any day that you do not work to your potential those points will be deducted. For example, if we do a drawing exercise for 30 minutes and you draw for the entire time, you earn the entire 50 its. If you talk, text, or are off task for half the time, you will only earn half the points.
  • 2. Art Projects– Each unit will conclude with an art project.  These will be worth 100 points.  They will be graded according to the accompanying rubric , with half of all points earned simply by participation, the other half earned by completing the objectives set forth in the unit and explained in the rubric. Projects are where you SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW.
  • 3. Exercises– Exercises are worth 25 or 50 points each and they require only your full participation for earning full credit. Exercises are where you make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Every school day that something is late loses you 5 points of credit. Don’t let late assignments hurt your chances of success!
  • At the end of the school year some students freak out and cry/get  mad/blame others for their lack of work each day of the year. Don’t make choices you will regret, spend each day working bell-to-bell OR choose to accept the low/failing grade you earn when you make those choices. If you have been playing on your phone all year or surfing the Web when you know you should be working- that was YOUR choice.



You are in high school now, middle school is over. I’m here to coach you towards college/career/life, so I will have young adult expectations of you. Begin to “get” the concept that you run your life- nobody else. I cannot and will not try to control your behavior- that is your life.

All I can do is observe you make choices and provide consequences. If you are making good choices, then you will find positive consequences coming to you.  If you are choosing to break the rules of this class, come late to class, be disrespectful, or not work to the best of your ability- you will find yourself on the receiving end of some consequences.

This class is yours to tackle. Success or failure is completely up to you! If you go above and beyond you will be rewarded with that excellent life you have been busy searching for (extra credit and/or exemptions from class requirements also)!

Making mistakes is not the problem for teens. You are great at making mistakes! What you sometimes forget is how to effectively learn from these mistakes. How will you learn from yesterday? What are your goals for tomorrow?

Which would you rather have? Results? Or your excuses? You can only have one…


1st time– warning/conversation

2nd time– privilege revoked/one-on-one conversation after class

3rd time- referral to the office/call home/ detention

In addition to this you will lose participation points for the day.

Problems/Questions/Need Help?

– I am always here in Rm 93A at lunch and at Nutrition.

Issues with your grade?- I promise to do my best to take care of them during lunch or nutrition.


BEST you

Why do we do the things we do in this class?-This is why. My goal for you is that you have an amazing life!


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