Growth Mindset

Do you think that you just are (not that) smart? Or (not) very creative? That you are good (or not good) with technology? Or patient? Would you agree that your body can change if you started working out? Why not your brain, if you started to challenge it? Would it change as well?

Why does an Art class possibly have the best chance to mentor kids on this Mindset?

What is it about the arts that can teach you to be more patient and look for solutions instead of always wanting the teacher to provide you with “answers”?

New research in the field of Neuroplasticity shows that we can actually transform the physical structure of the neurons in our brain by altering our thought patterns. Did you get that? Yes! You can build “intelligence”, “creativity”, “grit (stick-to-it-ness?), and other mental/emotional traits by simply paying attention to and altering the thoughts you allow to repeat in your head.




growth mindset

Some people already have this figured out. Here is the mindset of the artist!