Pacing Calendar- Digital Photography


Here is everything you the student are responsible for learning by the time you finish the 1st semester:

Photoshop’s Interface– know all the menus, the palettes, the tool bar.

Know how to use the File Menu (File-Save As, File-Save, File-New, File-Open, File-Place,  File Close, File-Quit)

Quick Commands 

Control+ N : New Document

Control+ O : Open

Control+ W : Close

Control+ Q : Quit

Control+ Shift + S : Save As

Know the Edit Menu ( Edit-Undo, Edit-Step Backward, edit-Step Forward, Edit-Transform, Edit-Free Transform, Edit-Purge)

Quick Commands 

Control+ Z : Undo

Control+ Alt + Z : Step backward

Control+ T : Free Transform

Know the Image Menu (Image-Mode, Image-Adjustments, Image-Image Size, Image-Canvas Size, Image-Image Rotation)

Know the Layer Menu (Layer-New Layer, Layer-Delete, Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation)

Know the Select Menu (Select-All, Select-Deselect, Select-Inverse, Select-Modify-Feather)

Quick Commands 

Control+ A : Select All

Control+ D : Deselect

Know the Filters and Window Menus

Tools to know (and Quick Keys) by the end of semester one:

  • Move Tool (V)- w/ Auto Select activated
  • Brush Tool (B)
  • Zoom Tool (Z)
  • Type Tool (T)
  • Crop Tool (C)
  • Magic Wand Tool (W) w Quick Selection Tool hidden
  • Marquee Tools (M)
  • Lasso Tools (L)
  • Clone Stamp Tool (S)
  • Eraser Tool (E)
  • Gradient Tool (G) w Paint Bucket Tool hidden
  • Eyedropper Tool (I)

Photoshop Techniques

Quick Mask Mode-(Q)  Used for making your selections perfect! Make a selection w any selection tool, then press “Q” on the keyboard or hit the Quickmask button on the bottom of the Tool palette. Now paint (using the Brush tool only!) with White to select and Black to de-select. Then come out of Quickmask by again clicking on the Quickmask Icon or again pressing Q on your keyboard. You will learn this in Exercise One, then perfect it in Exercise Two.

Color Correction- Choose Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation. You learn it in Exercise One, then perfect it in Exercise Two.

Masking- using the mask button in the bottom of the layers palette.

Color Painting/Colorizing

Compositing (using layers to collage multiple images together) -After either choosing to Open one picture (or choosing to create a new empty document), choose File-Place to start compositing (collaging) multiple images together! Its like traditional collage in Art class, but with many more possibilities.

Using the Elements and Principles of Design in their digital artwork.



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  1. Khalil says:

    Menus palettes and tool bar

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