Creating an Online Account- Instagram or Vimeo


Here is the home screen of my school Instagram account. my username is digphotowclancy

In order to turn in some of your 2nd semester work, you will need to create an account with Instagram  for your pictures and short videos (less than 20 seconds) or for your Multimedia class you will need a Vimeo account for the PSA’s and Trailers you will make. Please make a new account on Instagram so that we don’t all have to see your 300 “selfies”. All you need is a valid email address, a smartphone or mobile device, or download the BlueStacks software to have your computer act like a mobile device. You can also use or any of the various web based Instagram platforms.

If your are in my Multimedia class, make sure you follow our class Vimeo group so I can see and grade your work!


This is the home page for the CIHS Vimeo group! Follow us to turn in your work and share it with a larger online digital art community!

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