Exercise Three : Digital Dream House (E03LastFirst.jpg)



Earn extra credit by drawing a 3D version!

Students will master the remaining selection tools near the top of the tools palette in Photoshop’s interface. You will use the Lasso Tool, the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Magnetic Lasso tool, as well as the Rectangular Marquee and Circular Marquee Tools.

Begin by creating a New document (Control +N) in Photoshop with the following characteristics:

  • 96 DPI resolution
  • 6X6 inch image size
  • white background
  • name it: E03LastFirst

Art by student Vincent Conception.

Draw a house or building by creating a selection, then filling it with either the foreground or background colors. Add a chimney, windows and doors, and other details to make your house more realistic.  Practice the following skills:

  1. hold down Shift (watch for the plus sign) when adding to any selection
  2. hold down Alt (watch for the minus sign)  to remove from any selection already made
  3. use the paint bucket tool (G) to click and fill any selection when done
  4. Hold down shift and watch what happens while selecting with the lasso tool

E03 Medina, Julio

Make sure your house has:

  • a door- Marquee Tool (holding down Alt key) or Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • windows- Marquee Tool (holding down Alt key)
  • window panes- Single Row Marquee Tool (Holding down Shift)
  • a chimney- Polygonal Lasso Tool or marquee Tool
  • w/ some smoke- Lasso Tool
  • some plants and trees- Lasso Tool and/or Circular Marquee Tool
  • and something like a driveway or fence- Lasso Tool or Single Row Marquee or Rectangular Marquee Tool









Save this image as E03LastFirst.jpg – be sure to save this one as a JPEG so I know you know the difference between that and a PSD!

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