E04: Text Portrait Exercise


Exercise 4: Text Portrait

Open Adobe Photoshop.

Choose File – New – then…

File- New to open a brand new document…

Set the details of the new file you are opening…

Set the width and height to 6×6 inches and the resolution to 300 DPI in the box that will now pop up. call this exercise “E04LastFirst.psd”

Use the new layer button to create new blank layers…

Now create 3 new layers by clicking on the “new layer” icon in the bottom right of the layers palette.

The theme is self-portrait, but the student may not use any pictures, only text layers and layers created in Photoshop with the use of the gradient and brush tools plus filters and the layers styles palette- double click on the layer to open the layer styles palette.

The Layer Styles Palette

Experiment with the use of drop shadows, textures, and bevels. Master the use of this palette!


Original digital art by Yoanna Legaspi.

  1. A text layer using their names (largest text)
  2. A text layer with at least one adjective that describes them (2nd largest text)
  3. A text layer using a lyric or quote or phrase that they find fits them or describes them (3rd largest text)
  4. A gradient background painted with colors and designs that communicates their personality. Use both the Brush Tool (B) and the Gradient Tool (G)!

At least two class periods will be used for this exercise.

Save this document as E04LastF.psd (exercise##LastnameFirst.photoshopdocument)

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