Elements of Art Exercise (E08LastFirst.jpg)- using Instagram to get Critique online


Amazing student Art by Isabel Garcia.

In the beginning of the school year, we talked about what made someone “intelligent” in the 21st Century. Part of that definition includes being able to empathize with others, especially when thinking about your ability to connect with an audience.  Can you see the applications of this for Advertising and Marketing? Can you create a work of Art that gets the message through to your audience?

Some people theorize that part of what makes serial killers and sociopaths so frightening and unable to integrate into our society is their inability to see things from other peoples perspectives.  They do not actually understand that others have thoughts and feelings! Can you accurately predict and use the thoughts and feelings of others? Let’s find out…

In order to better learn about the “language of visual arts”, or what we call the Elements of Art, we will find and/or take photos of images that show the use of each particular Element.


The list on the left is the Elements and the list on the right is the Principles of Design.

If this was your Spanish class, what would you learn?


So since we are in Art class, we make everything out of….


Watch these vids to get a better understanding of the Elements.

Here is another video that focuses on the use of the Elements in Photography

Here is a video that focuses on the Principles of Design. Here is another one.

So if we started with any Element and found an image that clearly shows the use of that Element, it might look like this:


Art by M.C. Escher


Which of the Element(s) on the list is used in this Photograph?

  1. Line
  2. Shape
  3. Form
  4. Value
  5. Color
  6. S p a c e
  7. Size (yes- we added one extra!)

  8. Texture

Look at the print by M.C. Escher above. Now think about the questions below…

The repeated use of the fish and bird could be which Element??????


The strong lights and darks would suggest what Element???????


The empty black and white areas at the top and bottom of the composition could be which Element???????


Now you will choose (or be assigned) one of the 8 Elements of Design. You will create a work of Art that teaches this idea to your audience through example.

Go on the Web and find (at least) 3 images:

  1. a photograph (search Terms: type in your element + the word photograph)
  2. a drawing or collage (search terms: type in your element + the word drawing/collage)
  3. a painting or sculpture (you get the idea)

All these works of art should be examples of your Element.

Now composite them together in Photoshop! Make sure your image is in a square format as Instagram uses a square for its image interface…


Great student Art by Stephanie Gonzalez

Create a Title using the Type Tool, then use the Layer Styles Palette to make the title really pop. (See example at the top of this page). Remember to see your work of art as your audience will see it, not as you the artist. Practice that 21st Century emotional intelligence and put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Can you learn to see things from others perspective?

Now save this assignment as ElementLastFirst and email it to the email that you have on your phone or mobile device… then open it from that email and save it to your Photo Gallery and upload it to Instagram! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #elementsofart so that I can go see your work on that page…

Add this image to your Semester Two Portfolio (see below)


Save the image as ElementLastFirst.jpg and post it to your Instagram with the hashtag: #Elementofdesign2018

Here are some galleries to learn the Elements for your Quiz this week:


Here is an excellent version of last year’s quiz:


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