Photoshop Tools & Quick Keys

Here are all of the tools in the Photshop Tools Palette, usually located to the left of your image. You can move it around the screen to be wherever you wish. Learn all the basic quick keys here, so that you could use them even if the palette was hidden (hit Tab to hide all palettes and windows).

Here are the quick keys we should know so far:

  1. Magic Wand Tool- W
  2. Move Tool- V (try holding down the Alt key while moving!)
  3. Brush Tool- B (bracket keys make it bigger or smaller)
  4. Eraser Tool- E
  5. Marquee Tool- M
  6. Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket Tool – G
  7. Type Tool- T

Quik Keys (from the Top Menu)

  1. Open Document-  Control + O
  2. Close Document – Control + W
  3. Save – Control + S (be careful, as this one does not tell you where or how you saved)
  4. Save As – Control + Shift + S
  5. Quit – Control + Q
  6. Free Transform – Control + T

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