Semester One Skills Test

Have a student test themselves on the basics of semester one by trying these simple tasks:

Digital Photo Pass

  • Pay attention as verbal and/or written instructions are given!
  • Follow the verbal or written instructions
  • Find Adobe Photoshop on your Desktop
  • Use the school network
  • Find the “Z” drive (the Digital Photo server) on the network
  • Create/edit your own files and folders on the “Z” drive
  • Open and close a document
  • Sucessfully save, close, then re-open a document
  • Change a PSD into a JPEG, and Vice Versa
  • Correctly name & save an Exercise using our file saving protocol
  • Corretly name and save a Project using our file saving protocol
  • Sucessfully turn in an assignment to a folder
  • Successfully turn in an assignment to Edmodo
  • Name a layer/color code a layer
  • Add and delete a new layer to your layers palette
  • Unlock a background layer
  • Create and name a layer set
  • Make a simple selection (with any selection tool)
  • Change the color (hue) of something you selected
  • Add to a selection (using the keyboard)
  • Take away from a selection (using the keyboard)
  • Make a selection using one selection tool, then finish the same selection by using  another selection tool
  • Start a section using the magic wand tool, then finish & perfect that selection in Quickmask Mode
  • make a PERFECT selection (nothing outside the lines)
  • Select something, then mask out its background
  • on the image that you already masked, bring back part of the image that you masked by painting on the mask with white


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