Once students have learned the basic skills of how to use the digital camera, and how to edit in Adobe Photoshop, its time to put those  skills and knowledge to use in class Projects that show what you know!


Projects are worth twice as much as exercises, 100 pts. Students will be given larger periods of time to complete these projects as well as a good amount of autonomy. I will not stand over the students shoulder, they will be given the opportunity to sink or swim independently. This teaches them self-reliance and the ability to manage their time (deadlines)!


Each project will be named P then a number, then your last name capitalized, then your first name capitalized, then the correct file extension. So the first project of the semester (our Digital Collage) is called P01LastFirst.psd. Projects give the student the chance to use their new skills while expressing themselves. Push the limits, check the requirements carefully, and create a work of digital art that you would be proud to critique in front of the class.

Here are some examples from previous students of the projects we do in class:

Macro Project

Digital Collage


Tuesday, May 1st

1. If you have not taken your 3 photos (25 points)for the Text Portrait (S2P06LastFirst) – do that today! They must be straight on, facing the camera.

2. Turn in your Digital Notan (100 points)to the folder on the server!

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