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Watch this video on Poster Design:

Right now there are posters in every classroom of the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results- our ESLR’s. When you graduate, these are the skills you should have- ready to go out into the world and be successful. ESLR’s mean simply this: what makes a successful person? What should this school prepare you to be capable of when you graduate? The current posters are text based and boring- nobody pays attention to them or knows what they mean. How would you transform that? What would you create so that staff, students, parents, even 1st time visitors could look at the poster and quickly understand what these ESLR’s were?


ESLR Poster by Kyle Espiritu

Here are the 4 Expected School-Wide Learning Results:

  1. Critical Thinkers and Communicators
  2. Informed and Intelligent Community Members
  3. Highly Motivated Learners
  4. Self-Directed Individuals

Students will design and create actual posters that will be used by the school in each room to alter the culture of our school!

Since we will be operating not as a classroom, but as a graphic design studio, I will be giving directions and you will be acting as my professional designers. Your first task is to make Thumbs, then a Rough Draft of the posters.


Thumnail sketches- Ideas for a Logo, notice all the variety…

Start with small drawings (thumbnail sketches) on paper- 4 drawings per poster, that makes 16 thumbs total. They are due to our meeting in class tomorrow. We will put all of your drawings up, then critique them together.

Check out these amazing thumbnail sketcges of the concept for a poster on “Connected”

connected thumbs

Now get a sheet of paper and sketch one version of the Poster on paper as your Rough. This drawing of the layout of your new poster is due Friday for our group critique.  The quality and originality of these sketches is how we will determine who will be our Directors, our associates, Designers, and Interns.

A Creative Director  makes

Los Angeles, CA Area $140,000
National $130,000

What qualities does a successful person have? Lots of them:

  • dependable
  • responsible
  • good communicator
  • turns in work on time
  • does not make excuses, instead gets results
  • looking to come up with creative solutions!

If you find yourself giving reasons and excuses, instead of producing results and great work– be responsible for it. This is your education, no one else’s. In the real world your boss, your partner, your college instructor, wife, husband, family, supervisor – they all want results instead of your excuses. If you cannot produce results for them, they will simply find someone else who can…

Navigate to the Folder called Clancy Resources on the “R” Drive. Inside it is a folder called ESLR. Check out the three templates using three different styles.
Begin to design your poster, choosing from the following types:

You Rough must be on paper, fit on regular printer paper (8.5″ X 11″). It is due on This Friday the 22nd.

Jobs for this Project

  • Director(s)- in charge of whole project
  • Associates- in charge of smaller groups of Designers
  • Designers- in charge of small groups of interns
  • Interns- do whatever they are told

Here are the tasks that must be completed:

  1. Nominate people for the 5 Directors positions
  2. Directors choose their Associates
  3. Associates choose their Designers
  4. Designers choose their interns
  5. Each group starts the process of drawing their Roughs
  6. Each Director turns in a complete roster to me
  7. Each group assigns their members a digital Rough Draft
  8. take high resolution photos of campus
  9. take high quality photos of Raider staff working (example: get a teacher up in front of the class)
  10. take photos of any and all images associated with all 4 of our ESLR’s
  11. create abstract backgrounds using specialized brushes to fill the heads for each of the 4 themes (Critical Thinkers, ect)

Gallery of Student ESLR Posters

Final Draft


ESLR poster by Daniel Ayala


ESLR poster by Andrea Gonzalez

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