Studio Portraiture (S2P07LastFirst)

To shoot amazing portraits, we need 1. professional lighting, 2. creative use of  composition, and 3. a theme.

Next week our class will be going to Rm. 93C to shoot portraits using professional lighting. You will shoot a model of your choice and you will team up with people from your period to be photographed, both indoors and outside.

To begin, go to this gallery of studio lighting from my old school (Foothill Technology High) and see what their photo students are doing when exposed to great lighting. Then check out this gallery of student portraits to get your ideas flowing.

  1. Sign up for a slot on next week’s schedule (Clancy has the schedule-only 6 spots per day) to use the studio lighting in McSweeney’s classroom.
  2. Get a model and get written permission from their 1st period teacher for them to come to Rm. 93C on the day you picked
  3. Bring props, outfit, and makeup that you need for the shots of both you and the model.
  4. Shoot 10-12 photos indoors using the lighting package
  5. Shoot 10-12 photos outdoors using natural lighting.

The week after that, we will be back in Rm. 44 to edit our photos. crop out any parts that distract from your subject with the Crop Tool, then use the Clone Stamp Tool to edit any scartches or imperfections. Take the two best indoor photos, and the two best outdoor photos and choose from the following edits to apply to each one:

  • create a new adjustment layer- Levels
  • create a new adjustment layer- Hue/Saturation
  • create a new adjustment layer- Brightness/Contrast

Your two best indoor photos, and your two best outdoor photos are due. Turn this project in to the server, there is a folder called Studio Portraiture (S2P07LastFirst.psd). This project is due June 1st!

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