Project – Holiday Gift (GiftLastFirst.jpg)


Students will have one week to create a Holiday Gift that uses all of the skills they have learned so far in this class. Your Holiday Gift must include but is not limited to:

  1. A layer for your text- created using the Type Tool
  2. A layer for the 2 or 3 frames where the photos will be placed inside.
  3. A layer for each photo that has been “colorized” (like Exercise 8)
  4. At least one of the frame layers must have designs created by you in Photoshop using the Brush Tool.
  5. At least one layer uses a mask to show the photo through the layer that has the frame.

card template

Bring in a bunch a pics of your friends or family or significant other, then convert them from color to Lab Color to Greyscale back to Color again.

Now choose the ones you want to be in your frames, then colorize them before you bring them into your Holiday Card image.

Your document should be 5X7 inches at 300 DPI.


Save this project this time as a JPEG inside the folder called Holiday Gift for Print by Thursday the 20th so that I can print them out to give to you on Friday before you go home for the Holidays! Please save this as GiftLastFirst.jpg.

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