Pop Out Mask- PopOutLastFirst.jpg


Art b y Jonathan Mendoza

Students will create and design their own pop out mask where your subject “pops out” from a doorway or mask– thanks to Mr. McSweeney and his students for this project! Start by opening the practice JPEG in the Pop Out Mask folder called Popout1 or download the same file from your Edmodo. Open it and choose File- Save As then save it to your folder on the “Z” drive as E10LastFirst as a PhotoShop Document.



Open the document in Photoshop, double click the background layer to unlock it then duplicate it by right clicking it and choosing Duplicate layer. Now create a new layer, then fill it with white by choosing Edit-Fill or choosing the Paint Bucket Tool (G) and selecting the color white. Move the white layer to the bottom of your layers palette. It should look like this:


Select the top layer, in my case Layer 2. We need to select the part of the photo that is going to pop out. In my picture the legs will be popping out. I am going to use the Quick Selection Tool. Feel free to use whichever selection tool you are most comfortable with (Quick Selection Tool brush size 10).


You can see from my picture that I have a bit more than the legs selected. You must select a little more than you are going to use.

Right click and choose Select/Inverse from the menu bar. Push the Delete key, and your selection should be all that remains. Select Control D to deselect your image. You will not be able to see this because Layer 1 is showing. You can see your selection by clicking on the little eyeball just to the left of layer 1. Make sure to turn the layer back on again.


Select Layer 1. Now you are going to create a little 3D perspective on what will end up being our bordered photo that we are popping out of. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to achieve this effect.


Make a selection similar to what I have shown.


Click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel (see image below). This will allow only what is inside the selection to show through for that layer.

Mask Icon


Okay, that’s looking pretty cool. Just a couple of more things to give it that little extra something.

With layer 1 still selected, click on fx icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel (or double click on the layer). This will open the Layer Styles Palette. Select Stroke to create a border for the picture. If you want, choose a color that’s in your picture, otherwise black is okay. You decide what color fits best. Adjust the size if needed.


In the same window, select the Drop Shadow (Click on the words Drop Shadow). You may have to adjust the Distance and Angle until you have the look you want. Click OK when you finish. make sure the drop shadow is visible!


Turn off all Eyeballs except for Layer 2. Make sure you select Layer 2. Using the Magic Wand, select the background. Now Right Click and choose Select Inverse, Click on Feather and choose 1.5 (3.0 for a PHOTO) and click OK. Now, Copy and Paste (Ctl J). Delete Layer 2. Name layer 3 Curves.

Here is an up-close view of what the layer looks like with and without the “Refine Edges” used to smooth out her legs and feet (to remove the pixelated edges).

Without “Feather”:

w o curves

With “Feather”:

w curves


And here is the finished pop out photo. Enjoy! Turn it in to Edmodo as E10LastFirst.jpg




Now that you have done your first “Pop Out” using the gymnast photo, go to the Web and find and save a large (6-8 MP)  image of an athlete or auto in motion that you could apply the Pop Out mask to…

Don’t know how to change your Search Tools on Google? -Ask me!

Save this Exercise as E11LastFirst.jpg and turn in your finished product to your Edmodo.


Done w Exercise 11? Now the last part of this assignment is….

The  POPOut Mask Project   (PopOutLastFirst.psd)….

OR  …..     SmartPhoneTraveler Project! (SmartPhoneLastFirst.psd)



Now you will have half a week to go out and take your own photographs of people or cars in motion! This project must be done with your own photos, taken for this project (no old photos). Think about running, jumping, or driving. I will offer extra credit for those of you who go to CI  events like dances, rally’s, Track & Field, Baseball, or Swimming and take great photos of our students/athletes in motion. This on is called and saved as PopOutLastFirst.jpg

Now turn in your edited Pop Out Mask to your Edmodo as Project Three: P03LastFirst.psd

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