Project 2: Torn Photo (P02LastFirst.jpg)

Students will bring a damaged/torn photo from home (or a magazine image if they have no photo)  for us to show our skills on the clone stamp tool! Talk to your parents or grandparents and ask for an old photo that needs some serious repair!

The Before and After versions of this damaged photo.

If the student chooses to bring an undamaged photo then I will have to fold, rip, and tear pieces out of it so that they can show their skills learned from completing Exercise 5.


Great student Artwork by Cody Sasaki!


These repaired images make great Holiday gifts for your loved ones. Look and see if there is an old family photo that is water/light damaged or has been folded, ripped or torn. Fixing it for a grandparent or older family member makes a very thoughtful gift!

I will print any of the photos at Costco that you wish to give as presents for the Holidays!


Student artwork by Nancy Rodriguez

Here are some finished versions of this project from the last few years.

Save as P02LastFirst.jpg and turn in on Edmodo.

Want your new photo printed? Put it in the Costco folder, name it according to the size print you want.


If you want it printed at eight inches high by 10 inches wide, name it LastFirst8X10.jpg so I know both who you are and what size to print.

What would this cost if you sent it to the professionals to do the job:

Here are some extreme examples of photo repair- could you fix these photos?


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