SmartPhone traveler!(PhoneLastFirst.jpg)

Where have you been? Where are you going? More and more, your generation is becoming used to taking photos to record the moments of your life’s travels. Image makers and photo takers, your ability to instantly snap a pic of the beauty of the world you see around you is the gift of the digital age.

Now you will take a simple photo of you holding your phone in your hand, then use it to create a new work of digital art!

Find a photo from the web (high resolution) of a famous view and mask it into the photo of you holding your phone for an amazing 3D effect!


Start by taking several photos of you holding your phone in your hand. Get different angles versions. Hold it with your left and right hand, try holding it with both hands and asking a friend to take the photo.

Now open the photo of your hand and the phone in Photoshop. Select ONLY your hand and the phone, EXCEPT don’t include the screen! Everything else gets masked out.

Your hand and the frame of the phone will become the window that allows your travel wishes to “Popout” off the screen!