Camera Check-Out/ Check-In Procedures

In order to check out any equipment from class for their period or for use overnight, students must do the following each time:

Your student ID lets me know exactly who has what camera. make sure you are bringing your student ID to class every day!


  1. Check in your Channel Islands High student ID w/ photo to the space on the check out system corresponding to the number of the camera you are checking out.
  2. You must wear a lanyard around your neck when you leave the room. Lanyards are near the closet door. No more lanyards?- wait for one to return.
  3. Check the camera and any peripherals you may need (battery, strap, case, SD card, ect.)
  4. Turn it on to make sure it is charged. Please charge your camera up if you check it out overnight!
  5. After taking your pics, be sure to upload your photos to your folder on the server. Now delete the pics left on the camera.
  6. When turning in your camera (or other equipment) – re-check to be sure that you have all peripherals (strap, case, battery, SD card). It’s easy to leave the small SD card in the computer- be careful!
  7. Place the camera neatly back in the spot by number- leave the closet neater than you found it!
  8. Take back your student ID. Thanks!

Please remember that when you wander around campus with that camera you are a representative for the Art department. Behave accordingly! If you think that what you are doing may be in a gray area, but you are not sure- don’t do it.

Students in Digital Photo may not:

  • go into another teacher’s class (unless you have asked in advance)
  • bother or distract another class/group/activity
  • bring students from another class along w them as they shoot
  • bother students out on campus
  • take advantage of the pass to waste time and wander for 55 minutes (somebody really needs to use the camera/lanyard)

It is a privilege to be able to take this class. It is a bonus to be able to get out and take pictures on campus. Please take this seriously. I expect your best behavior when you are out representing your class and this Art department.

Choose to disrespect this privilege? -You will lose it.

cameras may be checked out during the period, at lunch or nutrition, or after school.

Check out a camera overnight?- It must be returned before first period! No exceptions. You may not be:sick/late/absent from school that day.

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