Reflection as a Tool for Growth

Why go to school? What will I learn here? Is this worth my time? What is this class about?


These are all valid questions and most teens are not really ready for the real answers, so here is the fortune cookie version: You will need to determine these things for yourself, grasshopper.

I truly believe that all knowledge has great value to those who seek it. You are on the path towards growing into a young man or woman, and that can be exciting but also painful and confusing. Here is a tool for your growth: practice Reflection.

Looking back on things with the intent to learn from our choices is what separates us from the animals. How will your learn from your mistakes? What will you do with that knowledge?

Self Evaluation- Semester One

Please answer the following questions as a way of determining your progress as a student in this digital studio class. All of these questions are designed to get you closer to achieving your best results in any learning/teaching/mentoring/coaching relationship. If your scores on this evaluation are high you will see a strong correlation between that score and you getting the results you want in this class (and in life).

High Score= High Grade/Better Relationships/Self-Expression/Freedom/Peace of Mind

Some of the goals of this class are (from least important to most important): A. Getting a good grade. B. Learning Adobe Photoshop. C. Learning the language of Art and Design. D. Mastering good Composition in photography. E. Learning to express yourself clearly and intelligently through the medium of digital art. F. Getting in touch with your creative abilities. G. Becoming a better communicator in your life.

  1. One a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least coachable and 10 being very coachable, rate yourself in this class. Do you follow directions? Take coaching well? Are you open to constructive criticism? When you are late to class or late with deadlines and your teacher reminds you of your responsibilities in this class, how do you honestly respond? Have you kept the agreements (no food, phone used for music only, ect.) of this class? _____
  2. How is your attendance in this class? Do you come early and often, or late and sometimes? Rate yourself from 1 to 10. ______
  3. How is the quality of your work in this class? Do you do it to get it done, or to create the very best art you can? Are you doing assignments for a grade, or are you playing, having fun? Do you go above and beyond, or just do the bare minimum? Be honest! Rate yourself from 1 to 10: _____________
  4. How skilled are you with Adobe Photoshop? Have you mastered the tools on the tool bar? Are you using the Quick Keys? Do you feel as if you can mask with the best of them? Comfortable with the Type tool? The Layer Styles Palette? Rate yourself from 1 to 10:_______
  5. Do you ask good questions? Are you covering up what you don’t know with silence, hoping someone else will ask it? Are you probing for ways to change the assignment, to personalize it? Do you look for ways to re-write the assignments to make them better? Rate yourself from 1 to 10: ______
  6. What is your work ethic like? Do you work from bell to bell? Or do you start late? Do you need to be reminded to get going? On that not-so-smart phone a little too much? Or surfing the Net? Are you self-motivated, or do you need the teacher to motivate you? Rate yourself from 1 to 10:__________
  7. Last but not least, do you really pay attention during the instruction part of the class? Are you locked in, looking to dig through all the material presented for the most important nuggets of choice information that will make your project shine? Is your Focus totally and completely on the moment of learning? Or are you surfing the Web? Texting? Facebooking? Tweeting? Does doing all this make it so that you are asking questions of the teacher that have already been covered? Rate your focus from 1 to 10:_____


self eval


Now add up all seven of your numbers, then divide them by 7 and you will have your average. Place this average score on a new slide on your Portfolio from semester one. Now answer the following two questions on that same page:

  1. What are two reasons for your score
  2. What are your goals for the second semester?

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate yourself, you will find this type of reflection to be one of the keys to success in your entire life.