Multimedia/PBIS Video

In Multimedia class we will focus on four concepts:

  1. Digital Art – using Adobe Photoshop!
  2. Web Design – WordPress or Weebly
  3. Animation – Adobe Premiere/Flash
  4. Digital Video – Adobe Premiere


What is this class really for?

Here we produce videos, posters, flyers, signs, and other advertising or marketing materials that transform the way your classmates (and even your teachers) see and perceive our school! Yes, your job is to help us educate, inform, clarify, and successfully take freshmen and produce graduating seniors who posses all of the real world skills an abilities that we commonly associate with:

  1. Community
  2. Integrity
  3. Honor
  4. Social Responsibility

You will all be graded on the following criteria:

  1. The quality of your work (PSA videos that have sloppy editing get a lower grade)
  2. Your ability to work independently and follow timelines to reach deadlines.
  3. The quantity of your work. Each month a piece will be due- can you produce?
  4. Your attitude and ability to work together, follow directions, and get results.
  5. Your attendance.

What is PBIS?

Positive  Behavioral  Interventions and Support


Here are some questions to think about on your first day of class –  be prepared to share out loud what you come up with. Please use complete sentences.

  1. What skills does the 21st century student need to be successful?
  2. What do you think this class is going to teach you?
  3. Describe your experience with technology and computers.
  4. What is one of your goals in life?
  5. Who are your heroes (who do you look up to)


Lab Rules

As we will be sharing a computer lab with another teacher (and with other classes) please respect the computers and the room. I will ask that you practice smart lab etiquette by always leaving the room a little cleaner than you found it.

  • Remember to log out fully before you leave so that no one but you has access to your files.
  • Please bring no food or drink except for water (avoid spills).
  • Do not remove or add and software from the lab computers.
  • You may listen to music on headphones (when instruction is over) as long as I and your neighbor cannot hear it.
  • Use of the internet does not include Facebook or other social media sites (unless we are doing research for web design).

This class is very much about moving up from using your memory to Memorize and Regurgitate information, towards Creating new works of digital art!


Any class that asks you to create is going to push your understanding of the topic towards the very edge of your capabilities. Making something from nothing requires that you really get something. You are not going to be asked to fill in a blank on a multiple guess exam! You are going to make original works of digital art. Remember that as you struggle to learn how to use Photoshop, Premiere, and your classroom’s network.


11 Responses to Multimedia/PBIS Video

  1. annissa meza says:

    The 21st century student needs to be willing to do what they need to do in order to be succesful also they need confidence and intelligence.

  2. Madison Aguilar says:

    The 21st century student needs to now how to navigate a computer and utilize technology.

  3. chris says:

    students need to be successful by learning and working.
    To use the computer.
    go to college

  4. Oscar says:

    I think a 21 century student needs to be able to have knowledge to be successful.
    The student should be able to know how to use technology and how interact with the world.
    The student should know how to work and have an open mind.

  5. aj hernandez says:

    A 21 first century student needs a good listening skill. Another skill is to learn how to use technology.Having strong observation will help a 21 furst century.

  6. Larry Hiben says:

    A 21st century student would need to know how to connect with other people.

  7. Gustavo Garnicca says:

    1. 21st century student need to be successful by going to school and fololow al l the rules.
    2. I think this class is going to teach me how to edit videos and some picture.
    3. Am a begginner at media stuff i only now how to make a video but i want to learn more.
    4. One of my goal for life is to have a house and work on cars and also work on media.
    5. I look up to my son, mom, and dad.

  8. Desiree says:

    1. some skills that the 21st cenury students need to be successful are positive attitude,confidiance and knowledge those are some basic steps i think people need to be successful

  9. Robert Callo says:

    A 21st century students need to be hard workers in order to be succesful.
    I think this class is going to teach me how to edit photos.
    I would make videos and edit them.
    My goal in life is to take care of my future family and become a marine biologist.
    My heroes are my dad and my grandpa.

  10. Rico Lina says:

    The 21st century student needs some sharp skills about technology, especially on computers and phones.

  11. Christian Rodriguez says:

    Student of the 21st century need to have the ability to adapt to the world they’re going into because the world is always changing. They need to skills and experience to be successful in their lives.

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