Abe’s Project-Music Video (MusicLastFirst.mov)

Pick your favorite song (school appropriate, please) and create an animated story for two minutes of the song’s content. The student may choose from the following 3 options:

  1. Draw 10-15 line drawings and import them into Photoshop, then paint them to tell the song’s story
  2. Take 20-25 still  photos- convert them to B/W, then paint them in Photoshop and use them to tell the song’s story.
  3. Shoot 5 scenes of 20-30 seconds each for your music video using cast and crew of your choice. These 5 scenes tell the story of your music video.

Turn in your Shot List or Storyboard to me or to Edmodo.com before you start shooting/drawing.

Import all the photos or drawings into Abobe Premiere and set up your animations, transitions, and use the drawings/photos to tell the song’s story as it plays.

Please include:

  • Ken Burns style animations for each image (panning and zooming)
  • fade in or fade outs for all images, drawings, or scenes
  • movement (position animation) for each slide based on song
  • video effects for 3 of the 5 video scenes if you choose to shoot digital video

Each photo or drawing must show for at least 5-6 seconds so your audience can ‘read’ it and understand your song’s story.

Extra Credit (25-50 points): Ad all the song’s actual  lyrics and animate them as your pics play.

Export the finished Music Video using the H.264 Codec for video, with the Vimeo HD setting and post it to your Vimeo account so we can watch it on the day of our Final! Call it MusicLastFirst.mov


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