Camera Check-Out/ Check-In Procedures

In order to check out any equipment from class for their period or for use overnight, students must do the following each time:

  1. Check in your Channel Islands High student ID w/ photo to the space on the check out system corresponding to the number of the camera you are checking out.
  2. Check the camera for all its peripherals (battery, strap, case, ect.)
  3. Turn it on to make sure it is charged.
  4. After taking your pics, be sure to upload your photos to your folder on the server. Now delete the pics left on the camera.
  5. When turning in your camera (or other equipment) – re-check to be sure that you have all peripherals (strap, case, battery).
  6. Plug the camera back in to re-charge it for the next student.
  7. Take back your student ID.

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